‘Every Child Documented’ exists as a pathway to shape the future of the Philippines through the legal process of documenting children, with the ultimate goal of ending systemic poverty.

The vision is to build up a generation of confident, educated world changers. As of right now, there are hundreds of children who are unable to go to school because they don’t have a birth certificate. This traps them in a cycle of poverty where they will be unable to find jobs to provide for their family. Through partnering with a local church, we are able to assist families with obtaining birth certificates for their undocumented children. Along with helping the children and their families through the legal process, we are establishing relationships to continue to pour into their spiritual lives.

More than giving them the opportunity to attend school and have a better future, we are establishing their identity as valuable citizens. Through this process, children will be able to see that they exist in the eyes of the government – but more importantly we seek to establish them in their Godly identity.

Our mission is to restore identity to undocumented children in the hope of a better future. It costs roughly $70 USD to document one child, to empower them and give them the opportunity to get an education and to even change the world. This is the first step towards ending systemic poverty in the Philippines. We could be helping the future president, teachers, leaders take that first step.